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February 2000


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Monday, February 7, 2000
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Ryan's Family Steak House,
9645 Kingston Pike, Knoxville



Gary K. Jacobs, Ph.D.
Environmental Sciences Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Natural and Accelerated Bioremediation Research (NABIR)
A DOE Office of Science Research Program


The NABIR program funds basic research related to in situ bioremediation of radionuclides and metals in the subsurface. The research includes studies of biomolecular engineering to understand and manipulate organism behavior, analyses of microbial community ecology, biogeochemical controls on bioremediation performance, and methods to accelerate in-situ bioremediation processes. NABIR has funded research projects for the past years, with a primary focus on laboratory studies. NABIR is now moving into a new phase of research. NABIR will select very soon a location (either Hanford or Oak Ridge) to serve as a Field Research Center (FRC). The FRC will provide access to investigators from all over the country to move their lab-based research into the field. This talk will summarize the goals of NABIR and describe the Oak Ridge proposed field research center.

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by J. Brad Stephenson

Last month’s meeting was held January 10 at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in Oak Ridge. For various reasons, none of our "regular" meeting locations were available. Thanks to Brian Murray and SAIC for accommodating us on such short notice, and thanks to Kevin Jago of SAIC for his case study on the Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant in Ohio. See a summary of Kevin’s presentation elsewhere in this issue.

Appreciation is also due to Tony Tingle and Carla Sparks for producing the first Newsletter of 2000 and getting it online in a timely manner. The first one is always the toughest, but their efforts contributed to the good turnout (20 people) at the January meeting. Tony and Carla need your help in submitting news and other relevant material for publication in the Newsletter and on the web site. Dr. Don Byerly agreed tentatively to prepare a brief, informal history of ETGS for inclusion in a future issue. We certainly look forward to that.

During the meeting, an informal survey was conducted to determine meeting preferences. For the past year or two, interest has been expressed in alternating the monthly meetings between Oak Ridge (at lunchtime) and Knoxville (during the evening). As it turned out, the scheduling requirements of our invited speakers resulted in most of last year’s meetings being held in Oak Ridge at lunchtime. Among those in attendance at the January meeting, interest was expressed in reviving the effort to alternate meetings between Oak Ridge and Knoxville. There did not appear to be any strong preference regarding lunchtime and evening meetings. (In fact, there was considerable support for holding the May meeting in downtown Knoxville during lunchtime, as this may work best for our invited speaker.) Therefore, we will continue to make every effort to accommodate all ETGS and AIPG members by hosting meetings in both locations. Be sure to check your Newsletter and the ETGS web site for the most up-to-date meeting information.

Discussions about future field trips focused primarily on two possibilities: a bicycle ride down the Virginia Creeper Trail and a tour into undeveloped portions of Cudjo Cave in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Thanks to Dr. Byerly for providing information on the former and to Mark Joop for checking into the latter. Project demands have required Rich Hopkins to relinquish his role as Field Trip Coordinator for the time being, and Tony Tingle graciously agreed to step in and fill this need. Look for additional field trip information elsewhere in this issue.

Jim Morgan reported that he has obtained a list of Tennessee’s registered professional geologists from the web site of the Tennessee Geology Registration Section. He plans to contact the Section to see if we can obtain e-mail addresses for these geologists. This would provide us with a cost-effective (free) way to introduce ETGS to a large pool of potential members. Along these lines, all ETGS members are encouraged to make their coworkers and colleagues aware of the organization and its activities. Copies of meeting and field trip announcements can be forwarded and/or posted freely.

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by Carla R. Sparks

Our January presentation was given by Kevin Jago of SAIC. Kevin's presentation, Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant –A Case Study for Successful Stakeholder Partnering, detailed a successful partnership that has been forged among Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant (RVAAP) Installation Restoration Program (IRP) and its contractors, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Nashville and Louisville Districts) and its HTRW contractors, the U.S. Army Industrial Operations Command (IOC), the Ohio EPA, OHARNG, and the public to achieve the desired end use for the installation. The successful partnership was based on common goals, open and continuous dialog, mutual respect and trust, and a fostered teamwork mentality among stakeholders. Cooperative technical data exchange between the OHARNG, IRP contractors, and HTRW contractors eliminated redundancies in environmental data collection efforts. To accelerate and streamline the environmental restoration process at RVAPP and achieve the desired end use, the partnership has developed and implemented a number of key planning and innovative technical approaches.

A full abstract of the presentation can be found in the January Newsletter, and Kevin may be reached via email at william.k.jago@saic.com. ETGS would like to thank Kevin for his time and for a job well done.

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Join/Renew Now to be Included in the ETGS 2000 Directory!

by Seaira Stephenson

It’s that time of year again! We are updating the ETGS database and preparing an updated Membership Directory. The directory will include the name, business address, business phone/fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of all ETGS members. It will be a useful resource for networking with your colleagues. All current ETGS members will receive a copy of the Membership Directory later this spring.

Currently, 64 members have joined or renewed their memberships for the year 2000. So far, 31 people who were members during 1999 have not renewed.

Don’t be left out! If you have not already done so, please renew your membership now. Dues remain a bargain at just $15 per individual, $20 per couple, and $5 per student. Encourage a colleague to join as well. Be sure to complete the Membership Information form available online at http://www.discoveret.org/etgs/member.htm. (Forms are also be available at each meeting.) Bring the completed form to the next meeting with your dues, or mail them to

PO Box 6193
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6193

Whether you join or renew at the meeting or by mail, please complete a membership form so that we can keep the society’s records updated. In particular, please make sure we have at least one current e-mail address.

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and Win a Free Membership for 2001!

by J. Brad Stephenson

The ETGS/AIPG Newsletter (a.k.a., "the Newsletter") needs a name—ideally related to East Tennessee geology and our profession. It should probably be relatively short and memorable. Suggest the winning name and receive a free, one-year ETGS membership!

A very quick internet search turned up the following examples of existing newsletter names. Each of us could probably name a few others as well.

  • Arizona Geology (Arizona Geological Survey)

  • Coastal and Marine Geology News (USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program)

  • Conglomerate (Department of Geology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • SEPM News (Society for Sedimentary Geology)


Nothing against these organizations, but surely we can do better. Although we certainly do not want to select a name currently in use, try looking through that stack of publications on your desk for some ideas. Do an internet search. Peruse the Glossary of Geology. Be creative!

When enough suggestions have been received (hopefully by March), we can vote on them at the meeting and/or by e-mail (depending on the wishes of the membership). We can finalize the "rules" at the February meeting.

Please e-mail your suggestions to me at jbrad@ispchannel.com. Submit as many titles as you like. The first person to nominate any particular title will get the credit. I will keep track of the suggestions and let you know immediately if any have already been submitted.

Good luck!

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We Need YOUR Input

by Carla R. Sparks

ETGS would like to organize a Spring field trip for its members and guests. We have had a couple of good suggestions for a Spring and/or Summer field trip. The first is a bike ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail. This would be an almost-all-downhill ride as long or as short as we would like to make it. The Virginia Creeper starts in Abingdon, VA and ends just eat of Whitetop Station, VA - total length is 33.4 miles. It began as a Native American footpath and became part of the Virginia-Carolina Railroad systems in 1907. Now it serves as a multi-use recreation trail. For more info, see http://www.cccyclery.com/vacrep.htm.

A second suggestion is a wild cave tour of Cudjo Cave at Cumberland Gap National Historic Park (http://www.cumberlandramadainn.com/pg8.htm). Mark Joop is heading up this lead. Part of Cudjo Cave is currently being "renovated" for public use. Mark is working with a contact in Resource Management to arrange a "behind the scenes" visit for ETGS members and guests. It currently looks like this trip may have to wait until the public part is finished. The cave is expected to be opened to the public on Memorial Day this year. This trip may be a good summer visit (it is always cooler underground!). The only on-line information I was able to find for this attraction is at http://www.cumberlandramadainn.com/pg5.htm.

If anyone has a preference of when, where, how, etc. for the Spring field trip, please contact Tony Tingle at geofolks@worldnet.att.net. Tony is serving as Field Trip Coordinator until Rich can reclaim his title. We would like to have some feedback before the March meeting, so we can (hopefully!) make definitive plans and have the information available at/after the March meeting.

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Dues are due!

ETGS serves the geological community of East Tennessee, including Knoxville and Oak Ridge. Through monthly meetings, field trips, newsletters, and its budding web site, the Society provides local geologists with opportunities to stay abreast of technical and professional trends in the geosciences, as well as opportunities for social interaction and networking. ETGS is truly a grassroots organization which exists only because its members choose to come together in this manner.

Like public radio and television, most ETGS services are now directly accessible at no apparent cost. In large measure, this is made possible by electronic communication via the Internet. Although the costs of producing and distributing the monthly Newsletter have been reduced substantially, expenses associated with maintaining the Society and its activities still exist. Routine annual expenses include registration with the state, rental of a mail box at the Post Office, and miscellaneous costs associated with monthly meetings.

When you join ETGS or renew your membership, your dues support the continuation of the Society. Elimination of traditional expenses permits your membership dues to support additional activities as desired by the membership. Equally important, the information you provide on the membership form facilitates Society communications and networking among its members. As a dues-paying member of ETGS, you will receive notifications of monthly meetings, field trips, and other Society activities. You will also be eligible to be included in membership directories and to take advantage of potential employment opportunities that arise from time to time.

Please consider joining or renewing your membership at the December meeting. Doing so will extend your membership through the end of 2000. Membership dues remain a bargain at just $15 per individual, $20 per couple, and $5 per student. Whether you join or renew at a monthly meeting or by mail, please complete a membership form so that we can keep the society's records updated. In particular, please make sure we have at least one current e-mail address. If you have a paper edition of the Newsletter from earlier this year, just use the membership form contained within it. Forms are also be available at each meeting, as well as online at http://www.discoveret.org/etgs/member.htm.

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Post Office Box 6193

Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6193


President J. Brad Stephenson P.E. LaMoreaux & Assoc 865-483-7483 jbrad@ispchannel.com
Vice President Brian Murray SAIC 865-481-4748 brian.s.murray@cpmx.saic.com
Seaira Stephenson Scientific Sales 865-483-9332 sstephenson@scisale.com
Newsletter Tony Tingle The IT Group 865-690-3211 geofolks@worldnet.att.net
Webmaster Carla Sparks SoBran Inc. 865-482-0453 (ext 118) csparks@sobran-inc.com
Membership Director Jim Morgan ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller Inc 865-481-3000 jmorgan@gmgw.com
Field-Trip Coordinator Tony Tingle The IT Group 865-690-3211 geofolks@
Educational Extension J.J. Hollars SAIC 865-481-4741 james.b.hollars@




President, Chris Maner, Tenn Dept of Env and Conserv (TDEC), cmaner@mail.state.tn.us

Secretary/Treasurer, Ken Haislip

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