April 2005 Meeting

Monday, April 11, 2005
6:00 - 7:30 pm

Pellissippi State Technical Community College
10915 Hardin Valley Road, Knoxville
Lamar Alexander Building
Room 223


Geology and the Human Exploration of the Moon and Mars

Pascal Lee, Ph.D.
Mars Institute, SETI Institute, NASA Ames Research Center,
University of Tennessee


Mars is, among planetary bodies physically accessible to us, perhaps the most Earth-like from the standpoint of its geologic diversity, aqueous history, and potential habitability, past, present and future. Yet, the exploration of Mars presents us with specific issues which may be met in part by furthering studies of the Earth and returning to the Moon. This talk will focus on ongoing geologic investigations at the Haughton impact crater site and surrounding terrain on Devon Island, High Arctic, viewed as a possible Mars analog. The talk will also discuss how field studies at Haughton, conducted under the auspices of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project, are helping prepare the future exploration of the Moon and Mars by robots and humans. How studies of the Moon and Mars in turn help better understand the geologic evolution of the Earth will also be examined.


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