December 2020 Holiday Virtual Social

Monday, December 14, 2020
6:00 - 7:30 pm

Note: ETGS members will receive an email with info for logging into the Holiday Social.

The ETGS December Holiday Social will be a virtual (Webex) Pub Quiz in memory of Dr. Don Byerly,
an ETGS founder we lost in 2018.

  • The online Pub Quiz will support the Professor Don W. Byerly Field Camp Endowment. ETGS will match donations (up to $100 total).
  • Join us for the social, regardless of your ability to contribute. We will not ask for donations during or after the event.
  • If you donate to the Byerly Endowment, please email us at etgs@live.com so we can match your contribution. Also, consider checking the last box on the donation form to note the gift is from a member of the East Tennessee Geological Society
  • There will be three rounds with eight questions in each round. If there is a tie for first or second place at the end of the third round, the tie will be broken by up to two additional rounds.
  • Seaira Stephenson will develop the questions and answers, and Brad Stephenson will keep score.  Neither will play the game, and no one else will know the questions or subjects to be covered in advance.
  • First- and second-place finishers will receive a coveted, hand-crafted coffee mug with the ETGS logo.
  • We will rely on the honor system, and this will be a closed-book exam, which means no internet searches.
  • It's all for fun, so roommates and immediate family members in your home are welcome to participate with you. Some answers they provide may even be correct! (Sorry, only one coveted mug will be awarded to each winning team.)
  • Support from your beverage of choice is encouraged. After all, it is a Pub Quiz. 
  • You will need a writing pad and pencil/pen to keep track of your answers in each round. You may find it easier to print this blank answer sheet or use it as a template to make your own.
  • More details will follow.


East Tennessee Geological Society

Please note that ETGS will be waiving membership fees through the 2021 calendar year in recognition that COVID-19 is impacting our meetings, and because we do not anticipate as many expenses (meeting rooms, field trips, etc). ETGS would encourage members to invite friends and colleagues to take advantage of this rare occasion.



ETGS News:

  • ETGS mugs (NEW Designs/Colors) are available! If you would like to purchase a mug please contact Elizabeth Phillips at (865) 582-5508.


ETGS Coffee Mugs.
Just three words:
You. Need. One!!

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.

ETGS needs YOU for either a Vice President or Field Trip Coordinator. Please step forward!

  • Elizabeth Phillips, ETGS President
    DOE, Oak Ridge Environmental Management

  • OPEN
    ETGS Vice President

    J. Brad Stephenson, ETGS Secretary
    Seaira Stephenson, ETGS Treasurer

  • OPEN
    ETGS Field Trip Coordinator

  • Bob Gelinas, ETGS Webmaster



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