January 2024 In-Person/Virtual Meeting

Monday, January 8, 2024
6:00 - 7:30 pm

For those attending in-person this meeting will be held at the following location:
Pellissippi State Community College
Ned R. McWherter Technology Building, Room 126

Note: ETGS members participating virtually will receive an email with info for attending/logging into the meeting.


January 2024 Presentation

Overview of the Geology of Cyprus  [< Click for Presentation]



Brian S. Murray PG, PMP


The island of Cyprus has a complex geology resulting from a tectonic history of rifting, subduction, obduction, continent-continent collision, and transform faulting along the boundary between the Eurasian and African plates. Since the early Mesozoic, these movements have produced a collage of fragmented tectonic terranes. This overview examines four geologic terranes, the tectonic setting of the island, and the Troodos Ophiolite (Massif). Formed during the Upper Cretaceous because of seafloor spreading and then obduction, this feature is considered one of the most complete ophiolites in the world due it's stratigraphic entirety. Diapiric uplift of the Troodos Ophiolite during the Pleistocene resulted in a topographic inversion, with the oldest suite of rocks outcropping on the highest points while stratigraphically younger rocks occupy the flanks of the massif.


Mr. Murray is a semi-retired professional geologist with 28+ years of experience managing CERCLA/RCRA site restorations with groundwater, soil, and sediment contamination. Mr. Murray earned BS and MS degrees in geology from the University of South Alabama and University of Alabama, respectively. He and his wife reside in Vonore, TN.

Greetings, and welcome to the January 8, 2024 ETGS hybrid meeting.

If you attend via Zoom as a courtesy please mute your cell phone or the microphone in your laptop/tablet to minimize background noise and feedback echos. We will also make an effort to mute all participants - at least until the presentation is finished. Please use the chat feature to type any comments or questions you may have. We recommend that you send questions for the speaker to "everyone" so all participants can see the question. In the interest of time, we may hold the Q&A at the end of the presentation.

We will create an in-person and virtual attendance list. It is not always possible to tell who is participating on-line, especially for those joining by phone, so please email
etgs@live.com to be listed on the attendance sheet. Let us know exactly how your name should appear on the list. We will add a note explaining the lack of signatures due to remote participation and have an ETGS officer sign as usual.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try this online format. As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvement.


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